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Games of Life – an afternoon of health inspired board games

Oh No! A take on Uno where players attempt to obtain the lowest Epigenetic age.

Guess Whose Genes - using phenotypic associations to decipher between characters on the board.

3 July 2017

Chance, choice and risk play a huge part in the outcomes of our health and understanding how these manifest in population health is key to the scientific approaches we use here in the MRC IEU. So what better way to engage people with our research than through a series of games! 

On June 21st, as part of the MRC Festival of Medical Research a team of researchers from the MRC IEU headed down to a Chance and Counters, a popular board game café in central Bristol to showcase our research. Remixing old classics such as snakes and ladders, Uno and Guess Who we pulled out key concepts of their work and assigned them to rules of the games.

One visitor said “I love coming to Chance and Counters because they always have new exciting games but I never thought that I’d be playing with games with scientists! I really loved being able to talk openly with [the researchers] about their work and how even if I might have the genetics which put my at a higher risk of cancer, it’s still governed by chance as to whether I get it or not.” 

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