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Epigenetics and Social Science Network Launch Event

9 December 2015

The Epigenetics and Social Science Network held its launch event at the M Shed in Bristol.

A collaboration of researchers

Experts in a variety of fields got together to share their projects and discuss ideas for working together and where the network is heading in the future.


  • Epigenetic trajectories of biological response to adolescent psychosocial stress: A novel longitudinal study of discordant monozygotic twins. (Chloe Wong)
  • EpiFASSTT: Epigenetic effects on children's psychosocial development in a randomised trial of Folic Acid Supplementation in Second and Third Trimester. (Colum Walsh)
  • Imprinting methylation; early life influences and later cognition and mood. (Paul Haggarty)
  • Epigenetic responses to social and environmental cues in early life and over the life course: impact on healthy ageing in UK population-based cohorts. (Rebecca Hardy)
  • Epigenetic stability in a stressful environment and its effects on reproductive function. (Gillian Bentley)
  • EpiStressNet: A biosocial systems approach to understanding the epigenetic embedding of social stress responses. (Vincent Cunliffe)
  • INTERSTELA: INTERpreting epigenetic signatures in STudies of Early Life Adversity. (Laura Howe)
  • E4: Epigenetics: Environment, Embodiment and Equality. (Caroline Relton)
  • BBSRC & ESRC perspectives on developing the epigenetics community (John Mathers and John Hobcraft)

 Epigenetic community

During the day there was open floor discussion about ways in which the BBSRC & ESRC epigenetics community might provide mutual support through data sharing, a shared calendar of events, resource sharing, networking opportunities for early career researchers and much more.


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