MSci Physics with Innovation

The innovators of the 21st century will bring together arts, science, engineering, humanities and enterprise to deliver innovative products, services and ways of living. They will be team-players with a breadth enabling them to work across specialisms and cultures.

This course combines in-depth subject specialism in physics with interdisciplinary breadth, creative teamwork and entrepreneurial skills. You will study physics to gain a solid discipline strength. Alongside these studies you will acquire the expertise to enable you to innovate and translate your ideas into plans for digital and creative enterprises, both social and commercial.

The course will equip you to use the critical, theoretical and practical skills central to physics, allowing you to develop knowledge and skills across a range of areas as you proceed through the course. You will learn about the fundamental building blocks and forces of nature, and how quantum physics and relativity enable us to understand the world around us - from the infinitesimal scale of particle and nuclear physics, through to the microscopic level of atoms and molecules.

You will come together with students from other innovation disciplines such as history and psychology to learn and apply design and systems thinking to digital and creative ideas and put this into practice working in transdisciplinary teams, ultimately creating new ventures together.

For more information on MSci Physics with Innovation please visit the prospectus.


A-levels AAA (AAB) IB 36 (34)

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