Undergraduate study

Do you want to change the world? Our Innovation courses will set you on your way.

The innovators of the 21st century will bring together arts, science, engineering, humanities and enterprise to deliver innovative products, services and ways of living. They will be team players, with a breadth enabling them to work across specialisms and cultures. They will be designers and entrepreneurs – and have a passion for style, efficiency and sustainability. Bristol’s Innovation courses are for people who want to pursue their subject specialism in a way that enables them to apply it - to become innovators who can change the world. 

What you can expect

In the innovation courses, you will experience:

  • In-depth subject specialism - become an expert in a chosen subject specialism.
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork - learn how to work with others who will bring their own specialisms, backgrounds and ways of thinking alongside yours.
  • Design - discover how to set about designing products and services.
  • Real-world challenges and industry mentors - work with external clients on projects they value (companies at the forefront of innovation in areas including digital media, environment, sustainability, healthcare and education).
  • Venture creation - develop your own ideas, and learn how to evaluate innovative solutions.
  • Entrepreneurship - understand how to devise and implement plans, and how to present them to others and gain support.

Find out more about the application process here.

Did you know?

The University of Bristol is the 4th most targeted university by top UK employers.

Bristol has the perfect balance between being a respected academic institution and a really fun place to be a student. I love the layout of the Woodland Road complex: the departments are all connected, and everyone mixes in the common rooms which makes it very welcoming.

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