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Kirsten specialises in Human Computer Interaction and Tangible User Interfaces. She has designed and researched innovative technological products and software services for a range of users from school children to elderly residents in care homes, and with a range of clients from SMEs to large companies such as UKHO, BBC, HP and IBM. Kirsten is also the co-director of the Pervasive Media Studio, a collaboration between the University of Bristol, University of West of England and Watershed, which hosts a brilliant community of artists, creative companies, start-ups, technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technologies.


Antony’s work focuses on innovation and its links to consumption. With a background in strategy his research has explored the interrelationship between needs, consumption and innovation. Drawing on work from social theory his current research examines how consumers and users can be drawn into organisations’ creative and innovative processes.


Dr Helen Manchester is a social scientist whose work is internationally recognised as ground breaking in the field of educational futures, sociotechnical change and social justice. Her research involves developing interdisciplinary, methodologically innovative approaches to working with others in the city to co-design cutting edge creative digital technologies with groups who might generally feel themselves to be excluded from the digital environment. As Principal investigator on the Tangible Memories project she worked with creative artists, computer scientists, care workers and care home residents to co-design technologies for storytelling.


Neil Coles was recognised in 2013 as the National Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year, Neil has developed many educational programmes advancing innovative behaviours & business knowledge by aligning real world problems with a research rich curricula. In his capacity as Assistant Director of Careers Service, leading on Employer Engagement and Enterprise Education, he works closely with the Innovation Programmes to establish industry links, mentoring and additional support to help get ideas off the ground. He leads the University of Bristol New Enterprise Competition handing out up to £40,000 to emerging businesses every year. He is a Fellow of the International Enterprise Educators Programme, a qualified teacher and founder of an online rare & collectable vinyl record store.


Robin is currently building his third company, having previously achieved an exit and experienced a failure. He’s raised millions in venture finance but knows a thing or two about bootstrapping and running lean all the way to seven-figure revenue. He’s also worked with and supported other entrepreneurs in the launch and development of their businesses, helping to realise two exits, one a multi-million acquisition by a publicly listed US corporate.

Prior to building his own businesses he was Director of Digital Products for one of the UK's largest publishers; a role that saw him overseeing pioneering semantic data projects for the UK Govt. He was also a founding member of London’s TechHub and a chair of the TSO WilliamsLea OpenUp Incubator. Robin is driven by innovation, entrepreneurship and working hard to build globally scalable successful businesses. He’s very excited to be joining Bristol University’s Innovation Programmes team and working with the UK's future entrepreneurs.

Teaching fellow in Entrepreneurship, Robin Brattel

Sam is a professional Chartered Engineer, his work has involved project management, lean implementation and getting diverse groups of people to work together in a variety of contexts from renewable energy to NGO aid work. His academics interests span from an MEng in Mechanical Engineering and Management, through Engineering MPhil on Product Development Tools for SMEs, onto lean startup, intrapreneurship, cultural engineering, behavioural economics and where they may take us. Enthused by the scope of the innovation programmes, he looks forward to working alongside a great team of students, staff and external partners to get some fantastic projects off the ground.

Teaching fellow in Entrepreneurship, Sam Crawley

Dave is particularly interested in early-stage start-ups and the creative process. Dave was Director and Chair of Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) and remains an honorary fellow of both EEUK and the International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme. Dave's background is in supporting students and graduates into start-ups and freelancing. He has worked extensively in Higher Education on student enterprise, employability, and entrepreneurship. Dave is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Teaching fellow in Entrepreneurship, Dave Jarman

Travis specialises in innovation & design solutions for clients worldwide, having degrees in both Industrial Design (NCSU, USA) and Innovation & Brand Strategy (Brunel, UK). His career began at IBM Corp designing high-volume products and strategic concepts during the 90's tech boom. Later at startups, he experienced hands on development of wearable pc from a different, leaner perspective. He spent years at global design consultancies across the world, including globally acclaimed Frog design and UK firm Kinneir Dufort, leading diverse companies in innovation and design programs. He also spent time at NASA JSC developing the crew areas of future spacecraft, habitats, and ground vehicles. Whilst in these various positions, he has developed nearly 100 products and has been awarded numerous international design awards and patents. He currently runs a small design consultancy in Bristol, leveraging previous experience leading programs for worldwide clients. He is thrilled at the opportunity to work with bright multi-disciplinary University of Bristol students and share industry techniques he has encountered over his career.

Teaching fellow in Design Thinking, Travis Baldwin

Tom is an internationally recognised designer on a mission to improve the way we experience our physical-digital world. He runs his own studio; co-produces an interaction design talk series, This Happened Bristol; heads up design at Raincloud, where he’s developing a glanceable, weather IoT product; and is setting up a local factory finder, Make Works Bristol and Bath.

He talks regularly on interaction design and our relationship with technology and runs labs and workshops on design thinking and making. His work has been shown internationally at design and technology festivals and his client list includes brands, agencies, research labs and startups.

He produced REACT Objects Sandbox, a programme supporting R&D projects exploring experiences in the Internet of Things; was lead designer at the product research studio at the University of Dundee, exploring interactive-internet connected paper; and was Senior Creative at Random International. He is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Teaching fellow in Design Thinking, Tom Metcalfe

Ann's focus is on service innovation and design thinking. Through co-creation and facilitation, she works to help others gain new perspectives and develop skills in creative problem solving. Her projects have ranged from brand management and marketing planning for U.S. educational organizations through to the facilitation of corporate innovation initiatives. She is active in the Service Design Community as a Global Service Jam facilitator and co-organizer of Service Design Network meetups.

Teaching fellow in Design Thinking, Ann Padley

Tim is a Professor of Social History and his academic interests are wide ranging with expertise on Holocaust history, geography and memory. His current research projects focus on digital humanities methods and oral histories, as well as histories of transport technologies and landscape. As director of Brigstow, Tim is interested in bringing academics from different disciplines together with people outside the university to undertake new research together. He was also Co-Director of the £3million AHRC REACT hub which finished in February 2016 which funded collaborations between arts and humanities researchers and creative companies. These collaborations have championed numerous knowledge exchanges, cultural experimentation and the development of innovative digital technologies in the creative economy. Tim is also a co-director of Mayfly, a company that makes material/digital products.

Professor Tim Cole, History & Director of the Brigstow Institute

Angela’s research concerns moving images, urban screens, materiality and the built environment and the ways in which video archives intersect with physical and digital communities of practice. She investigates the ways in which moving images produce, rather than simply represent, experiences of place and space. As such, moving images are active agents in the collective work of enacting community. She had an IAS Research Fellowship and is a Visiting Scholar at University of British Columbia.

Dr. Angela Piccini, Film and Television

Terence is a reader specialising in nanophysics and functional nanomaterials and is director of Bristol’s Doctoral College.

Dr. Terence McMaster, Director of the University of Bristol’s Doctoral College

With over 10 years’ experience in Higher Education administration at a Russell Group University, Jayne brings with her a focus on the student experience and collegiality. Jayne has worked in a number of senior administrative roles within Faculties and Registry Teams, and has successfully worked on a number of cross institution projects including the administrative set-up of an international branch campus and the delivery of an improved student welcome experience (for which she was the recipient of a Vice Chancellors award).

Jayne Brown, Innovations Student Administration Manager
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