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Insights and team formation: Tough Mudder Challenge

3 March 2017

The design challenge sponsored by Tough Mudder is in full swing. Student designers from the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship have been exploring their challenge high and low and recently came together to form insights and teams around what they have learned.

At the Centre for Innovation we use a four-step process for problem solving and innovation. The process keeps us grounded when working through complex challenges. From the very first step, it lays a foundation for understanding the problem or challenge we are trying to solve and the people who will be impacted by it. This Explore phase is where the Tough Mudder Challenge student designers have been spending their time since the kickoff.

Explore begins with a divergent phase, essentially an extensive collection of information. Our student designers researched the Tough Mudder race and organisation, but they didn't stop there. They also conducted interviews with past and potential Tough Mudder participants to gain perspective on their motivations and fears; researched extreme sports for inspiration on high-adrenaline activities; and learned about the psychological challenges that accompany physical endurance.

The recent check-in with staff mentors at the Centre marked a point of convergence, an opportunity to bring all the research together and start making sense of it. Using methods learned in class, along with a few new ones, students moved from a mass of information to a set of insights that could propel the work forward.

Before setting out to develop their ideas, students formed teams around a particular set of insights they felt had the most promise. By doing this, teams share a common vision driven by insights and personal interest. In the coming weeks, students will be in the 'ideate' and 'prototype & test' phases. Check back for more from the next check-in with our teams.

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