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University of Bristol’s innovation and entrepreneurship courses featured on CNN Money

7 December 2016

Programme broadcast 2 December 2016 Dr. Kirsten Cater from the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship appeared on CNN Money with Will Dean, Founder and CEO of Tough Mudder to discuss the University’s unique approach to entrepreneurial education.

The University of Bristol launched the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship this autumn with an inaugural cohort of 55 undergraduate students, and it's gaining international attention. Alongside traditional university subjects, such as history, computer science, physics, geography etc., the students are taught innovation and entrepreneurship. As Dr. Kirsten Cater, Academic Director of the Centre for Innovation, shares on CNN Money, the aim is to create a unique environment:

“You can teach students the skills, the tools, the techniques to become entrepreneurs. But, more importantly, you need to create the environment and the ecosystem to allow them to flourish, allow them the opportunities to fail and then learn from that failure and to also have experiences with successful entrepreneurs.” 

Among the successful entrepreneurs partnering with the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is Will Dean, University of Bristol Alumnus, Founder and CEO of Tough Mudder, and a member of the Centre’s advisory group. Will Dean shares his thoughts on the University of Bristol Innovation Courses:

 "The reason I’ve tried to build out this great advisory board of other entrepreneurs is to give the students access to people who have been there and done it. Tried stuff, failed. Made mistakes, learned from that." He goes on to say, "Entrepreneurship is a mindset, but there is also a skill set you need, and I think this course gives that."

See the full CNN Money segment here

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