Entrepreneurship is a team game.

It is about finding a new solution to an old problem and developing a product or a service that is better than the previous one. The best solutions often reframe the challenge completely and reframe expectations about what is possible.

This exciting process requires insight, research, design and a viable product or service that is scaleable. Entrepreneurship is not a one person show and a high performing team is the best way to bring these elements together.

We are fortunate enough to have a huge academic team across the University who are involved with the Innovation Programmes in a variety of ways. The team is internationally recognised in their individual areas and together they create a unique and strong consortium to deliver the programmes. We are also fortunate in the fact that the city of Bristol itself is unique in its ability to offer a close-knit network of innovation-driven, internationally significant industries, and the city itself (Bristol is Open) has become a pioneering test-bed for innovation.‌

This provides us with a fantastic pool of mentors, clients and guest lecturers, industrial staff, opportunities for student projects, scholarships, vacation work and, for many students, their first job after graduating. These links with industry, both through our teaching as well as our internationally leading research, form an integral part of our courses and the learning environment that we provide for our students. 

We also have some very successful incubators including the Bristol SETsquared Centre, ranked in 2015 as the World’s best university backed business incubator, located in Engine Shed based next to Temple Meads train station, providing the programmes with fantastic access to local entrepreneurs who are willing to meet, discuss and support your ideas. As well as BASECAMP which has been supporting enterprising students from across the University of Bristol extracurricularly for over a decade.

The best cities are the ones that embrace change and are prepared to look for new solutions to the great urban challenges, such as climate change, resilience, energy supply, mobility and caring for our growing older population. In trying new ways of doing things we shall sometimes make mistakes, but by working closely with business, with academia and, of course, with citizens, we can learn together in the live urban laboratory that is Bristol.

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol (2012-2016)

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