Email and UOB data

There are risk around sending Confidential University data via emial.  Keep the following recommendations in mind when dealing with University data. If you are a staff member and have accss to MyReview, make sure you have taken then GDPR and Information Security training available in the Essential Training section.

Can I send restricted or sensitive data by email?

Restricted UOB data and data classified as "sensitive" under the Data Protection Act must not be sent by email unless encrypted. Emails might be intercepted or misdelivered en route - sending restricted data in an email is much the same as sending it on a postcard: you don't know that anyone will read it, but you should know that it is a possibility. Sending this sort of data by email could be considered a breach of confidentiality and if personal data is lost or disclosed, the University could suffer a heavy fine as well as suffering damage to its reputation.

For recommendations on email encryption and on preferred alternatives for conveying restricted or personal data see:

What else do I need to know about good practice with emails?

Limited use of your UOB email account for personal business is acceptable - though you should be aware that in certain circumstances your email account may be accessed by the University. Instead you might want to set up one or more personal email account with Hotmail, Google or similar. Bear in mind though that these may not be 100% secure.