Identity theft

Your personal information is a valuable commodity. How easy do you make it for someone to steal your identity? The Home Office website on identity theft provides comprehensive information and advice about both protecting yourself and what you can do if your identity is stolen.

There are still at least five common ways for criminals to gain access to and use your personal data:

  1. You freely give them the information they want, generally unwittingly via phishing
  2. You disclose too much information about yourself in chatrooms, forums, and so on
  3. Vulnerabilities in an unpatched browser can lead to infection of your PC through surfing infected websites
  4. Your computer or storage devices are stolen or lost
  5. You throw personal documents out without shredding them

Preventing identity theft is basically all about common sense. Make it as difficult as possible for your identity to be stolen. See further information on preventing your personal information from being stolen online.

From point of view of keeping personal information physically secure: