Further training resources

Interactive training modules

Data Protection training module for Data Protection Advisors

The Data Protection training module is directed at departmental Data Protection Advisers and administration managers, though all staff members (and postgraduate students where relevant) are welcome to take the module. It should take about 30 minutes to complete.

Digital Information Management Tutorial - InfoSafe

The InfoSafe tutorial:

SANS security awareness resources

SANS makes a range of security awareness videos available, which are changed on a monthly basis - why don't you make a habit of checking out the current SANS security awareness video?

Are you at risk of becoming an 'accidental outlaw'?

"The chances of accidentally breaking the law online could be greater than you might think..." (KnowTheNet). The Accidental Outlaw quiz concentrates on issues such as defamation, copyright infringement and hacking. See if you are able to spot what is legal and what is not. You may be surprised at the results!

Information security training and advice - documents for download

The following documents are available for download and dissemination to staff and research students: