Their stories

TheirStories uses personal storytelling as a vehicle for building workplace inclusion, improving employee engagement, challenging bias, countering stereotypes, and developing a culture of belonging.

Everyone has a story – the experiences that have shaped us – the challenges we have faced and overcome – our successes and our mistakes.  We can all learn something from each other’s story - that is the simple premise for TheirStories.   

Facilitated by the Staff Inclusion Team, TheirStories provides a platform for colleagues across our University to share their personal stories. This is a powerful way to engage staff and postgraduate researchers in appreciating the value of difference and also amplifying the things we have in common, creating empathy to bring to life our vision of a truly inclusive workplace where everyone can be their authentic selves.

2020 UHR Awards for Excellence awarded to the EDI Team at the University of Bristol

TheirStories Library

Access videos and written stories from previous TheirStories speakers.

This is such a rewarding part of my role – I love organising these events as I see the impact they have on my colleagues. The concept is so simple – people sharing their personal and professional journeys, but the connection and inspiration it creates is so powerful – every single time I learn more about my colleagues and about myself.

Lauren Curtis, Staff Inclusion Advisor, Host of TheirStories
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