Disrupting Racism Programme

The Disrupting Racism programme is designed to support all of us on our journey towards becoming an anti-racist University.

Ibram X. Kendi, a leading scholar on anti-racism, argues that the heart of racism is denial. You cannot acknowledge or change that which you deny or choose not to see. Thus, the first step toward dismantling racism is breaking through that denial, by educating oneself. This is the basis for our Disrupting Racism programme. 

Developed by the Staff Inclusion Team, the Disrupting Racism programme is a blend of in-person and self-directed learning that aims to raise awareness of how each of us can work together to dismantle individual, cultural, and institutional manifestations of racism. As an organisation, we must take on this work ourselves and make the effort to learn, understand and take action to bring about change. 

Programme structure

Setting the Context

This module features a mix of articles and videos to give you a general awareness and understanding prior to The Talks.

The Talk: Being Anti-racist

Dr Jason Arday, Associate Professor at the University of Durhamexplores key themes in relation to racism, privilege and how we can actively disrupt racism. You'll develop a greater understanding of racism and learn how each of us has a crucial role in tackling racism in the spaces we occupy, including our workplace. 

The Talk: Disrupting Whiteness and Privilege

Matt Jacobs, Sociology PhD Candidate at the University of Bristolexplores the definition of 'Whiteness' through a historical examination of how it works to create a system of power.

Your Journey

Being anti-racist is a journey – The Talks are just the beginning. We have created a range of online resources to support you with your continuous learning in this area. 

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