Intersectionality is the overlapping or intersecting of identities and their experiences of oppression and discrimination.

Intersectionality recognises not only differences between identities (such as racial, gender, and LGBT+ identities) but within these. For example, the experiences of women of colour are different to those of white women. It is important that we recognise overlapping identities and that everyone has their own unique experiences of marginalisation and oppression in order to be truly inclusive. 

Intersectional Initiatives

External Intersectionality Resources

A Guide to Code-Switching

Code-switching is when a person in a minority group tones down some of the most obvious elements that associates them with their community in order to fit into a more mainstream group.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The University of Bristol's mental health and wellbeing resources, including counselling, guidance, and courses.

Responding to Domestic Abuse in Higher Education

UUK have published a second briefing, 'Continuing the conversation: Responding to domestic violence and technology mediated abuse in higher education communities during the Covid-19 pandemic'.

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