Gender Inclusion Group

The Gender Inclusion Group supports the achievement of the University's strategic objectives in relation to equality, diversity, and inclusion through driving transformational, structural, and cultural change to improve the representation, development, and experience of staff of all genders.

The Gender Inclusion Group is co-chaired by Professor Jane Norman (Dean of Health Sciences) and James Bigwood (Director of People and Organisation Development). The Group has Academic and Professional Services representation from Faculties and Divisions.

The Terms of Reference of the Gender Inclusion Group are being reviewed and will be published shortly. 

Professor Jane Norman - Co-Chair of the Gender Inclusion Group

James Bigwood - Co-Chair of the Gender Inclusion Group

Gender Inclusion Group minutes

The Gender Inclusion Group was formed in November 2017 (then Gender Equality Group). Read the minutes from previous meetings:

Gender Inclusion Group responsibilities:

  • Build organisational competence in gender equalityacting as a body of expertise on gender issues and adopting an intersectional approach that is fully inclusive of all genders and other protected characteristics, particularly race.  

  • Ensure our organisational culture and work life balance policies provide an enabling, flexible, and supportive environment for staff who may be parents or carers. 

  • Ensure staff of all genders have equal opportunity to develop and advance their careers through a range of measures including targeted development opportunities and support during promotion. 

  • Ensure that our leadership and decision-making bodies are gender balanced. 

  • Prevent and address all forms of sexual and gender-based harassment and discrimination, raising awareness of issues and recommending strategic responses. 

  • Maintain oversight of progress and engagement with Athena Swan Charter applications at institutional and school levels, with specific responsibility for supporting and monitoring delivery of the institutional Swan action plan. 

  • Receive annual gender pay gap reports and other key quantitative and qualitative data to track progress. 

  • Work in partnership with city-based and national stakeholders to accelerate progress on creating gender equal workplaces.  




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