Interviews for mature applicants

What format will my interview take?

Interviews assist us in reaching an informed decision on your application. They take a maximum of 20-25 minutes and you may be interviewed by yourself or in a small group.The interview will be conducted by two members of academic staff, at least one of whom is trained in fair recruitment techniques.

The purpose of the interview is to ascertain your academic interests and goals, and to establish whether we offer the type of course you are seeking. We also hope you will want to ask us as many questions as necessary so that you can also determine whether our course caters for your intellectual needs and circumstances.

After the interview

In most cases, you can expect to hear the outcome of your interview within two weeks. Please check UCAS Track as it will be updated when we have made a decision.

What if I can’t make the interview?

Mature applicants are considered on an individual basis, depending on their academic record and experience. Applicants who fail to attend an interview will not generally receive an offer, although mitigating circumstances will be given consideration.  Please contact the admissions team with your personal ID number to discuss this further.

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