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Tom Sperlinger

Tom Sperlinger

Senior Teaching Fellow and Head of Part-time Education

I have been running the part-time courses in English for seven years. The aim of the part-time degree is to offer the same academic experience that full-time students get, but at times when a wider range of people can attend, mostly in evenings and weekends. We also offer short courses in English literature, which serve as a route into the part-time degree.

“The students we work with are very diverse in age and social and life background. Their ages range from 18 to up to 70, or even older. Some students have been out of education for a very long time and many are working in full-time jobs. Their route into the degree can be unconventional, and they often draw on their life experience and their personal reading more than more conventional students. They have a very high degree of commitment.

“The part-time courses are very much part of the English Department. The students are taught by the same tutors and in the same way as full-time students, just at a different time in the day.”