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Matthew Ball

Matthew Ball

Current student
BA in Ancient History

I wanted to study something different and I was very interested in Ancient History. Bristol seemed the best of all my choices;it had a friendly atmosphere, the degree had all the units I wanted to do and its content was broad, ranging from myths to social history. It hit all the right buttons. Attending the Open Day reinforced my wish to come here.

“It’s actually even a lot better than I thought it would be. The course really takes into account the fact that I might not have studied Ancient History before and the first year was particularly well structured, with many introductory units teaching us how to handle the source material correctly. Even the core unit classes are not too large which means that the lectures often turn into seminars because we are encouraged to ask questions.

“The lecturers are really very good. They teach their specialist areas, which is such an advantage. They’re also very helpful, and they care a lot. You can ask them so many questions.

“The course is very interactive, hands-on and cutting-edge because the lecturers share their latest research with us. The University is friendly, lively and accommodating. I’d love to continue and do an MA and I’d love to stay in Bristol.”