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Massimo Rondolino

Massimo Rondolino

Current student
PhD in Theology and Religious Studies

I am from Italy. After I finished my degree in Italy, I travelled to Asia to do some volunteer work. While I was there, I developed an interest in Asian religions and decided to do further studies. I had contacted several universities around the world, but I received the warmest and quickest reply from the Department of Theology and Religious Studies here at Bristol, and I decided to do a Master's degree in Buddhist Studies. I’m also very much in debt to the administrative staff of the School of Humanities. They guided me through the whole bureaucracy of applying, and kept me up to date. They were so helpful, and always smiling and friendly.

“The MA was very challenging. There was an immense amount of work. The lecturers were fantastic, extremely knowledgeable, very engaging and very passionate about their own work, and about the topics and themes of each lecture. I also had to take a language class and chose Sanskrit. It was daunting, but it was taught in a very engaging and fun way.

“There is great freedom in doing your research here. I have a close relationship with my supervisors, and see them almost weekly. I am very comfortable popping by just for a quick chat, and their doors are always open. They are always extremely helpful, and even when they’re swamped with work, they make the time to see me, or email me.

“There is a good research community here, and the postgraduates meet up regularly whether to discuss our research or to socialise. It’s really good to keep in touch with other research students, and I feel very fortunate to be able to do my research in such a supportive and stimulating environment.”