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Catherine Hunt

Catherine Hunt

Current student
PhD in History of Art

I was working at the University of Bristol as a lawyer for 11 years before I decided to go back to studying, and I was interested in Art. I did the Master's in History of Art part-time. Then I decided to do a PhD here because I knew the University so well, I knew some of the lecturers in the History of Art Department, and it’s a very good university.

“I’m doing my research on the depiction of gloves in Western art from 1400 to 1660. I look at paintings from Germany, the Netherlands, England and Spain. I look at the way identity was constructed in the Renaissance, including issues of social class and of gender. I also look at how people of other faiths or other ethnicities wore gloves as a distinguishing mark. I also analyse texts, such as sermons, letters, or even Shakespeare’s plays. For example, people are swearing on their gloves, flinging them down for a challenge, or pinning them on their hat as a favour. So I try to connect the written sources with the visual sources.

“I’m really enjoying doing my research here. I feel that I have learned an enormous amount. It’s a very nice place to study with a good group of supportive people both the postgraduates and the staff.”