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Amanda Wright

Amanda Wright

Former student
BA in History

I am from Surrey and I came to the University of Bristol after a gap year during which I travelled to South America.

“In my first year at Bristol, they organised a lot of different nights out to suit different tastes, music or activity-wise. The university makes a lot of effort to help people to grow a social base, and get comfortable in their new surroundings. I had a great time! There is a really diverse and active social life as there are so many different friendship groups, which means there is something for everyone.

“One of the main things I enjoyed about the History course is how friendly and approachable the tutors were. They don’t mind chatting with you for half an hour about something of interest to you, which might not be directly relevant to what you are discussing in your course units. They encourage you to ask your own questions about every topic, valuing diverse kinds of thinking and new ways of looking at things. Original thoughts about a subject are respected, and you get the freedom to study the aspects of History that you are most interested in. I’ve been able to specialize more and more into what I enjoy.

“It’s always going to be a shock starting a 9-5 job after being a student, but I feel that the course really helped. We continually did presentations, which has been great for building up confidence and developing verbal skills. The course structure encourages you to be very self-disciplined, and self-motivation is key to a successful career!”