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The changes to our ways of working which began in 2020 and have carried over into 2021 are having a very real impact on the mental health and wellbeing of staff across the institution. 

On Monday 18 January – otherwise recognised as Blue Monday – your staff Mental Health Champions, with support from the Senior Executive Team, Staff Engagement and HR, are launching their wellness awareness message for Teaching Block 2: "It's Okay To..."

Our working hours are a huge part of our week,  and our mental wellbeing isn't any less important during this time. Sometimes we overlook that It's Okay To: take time out between meetings, arrange social calls with colleagues, protect time for restorative breaks, re-schedule or decline meetings...  

We want all staff to feel empowered to reclaim time to support their mental wellbeing. We are encouraging everybody to implement small changes to their working week to help them stay well. 

Throughout Teaching Block 2 we will be sharing stories across the institution to give an insight into how staff have chosen to reclaim this time in different ways, and the positive impact that it has had on their work life and wellbeing, in light of the current challenges that they have faced over the last 12 months.


We encourage you to save the above It's Okay To... image to use in your email signature. This is great way of promoting the campaign, reminding yourself and encouraging other staff to take care of their wellbeing too.