3. Your eRecruit workspace


3.1    Your workspace explained

The standard workspace for recruiting managers or colleagues using the system on their behalf is called Recruiter Workspace.

At the top right hand side of the workspace homepage are a number of icons.

The search facility has a drop down that enables a search on either Candidates or Job Openings.

On the main part of the workspace homepage you will see a number of boxes (Tasks, Jobs, What’s New, Applicants in Process). These are called Apps and provide quick reference links to key information on the jobs that are assigned to you.

Icons for the Apps that are shown on your workspace homepage appear in the top right hand corner, along with an Apps Library icon. This can be used to select and customise the Apps that you wish to appear on your workspace homepage.

You can also use your cursor to resize and drag and drop the Apps on your homepage.

If you require assistance in setting up the Apps on your homepage to work best for you then contact hr-systems@bris.ac.uk.

3.2       Navigating around your workspace

The main methods to navigate around the different parts of your workspace are:

If you ever have trouble seeing the full content of a page on your screen, use the F11 button from the top line of your keyboard and this will provide you with a full screen view.
Pop-up blocker: Many of the actions within eRecruit will open up a pop-up window, alongside your original browser window. Depending on which web browser you are using, you may have the ‘pop-up blocker’ activated. If this is the case, when you try and carry out an action that requires a pop-up window it will be blocked. If your browser is Internet Explorer, you will see a message bar confirming that the pop-up has been blocked. If your browser is Google Chrome, you will see an icon with a red cross confirming the pop-up has been blocked at the right hand side of your main toolbar. In both cases select ‘Always allow pop-ups from this site’ (alternatively you can add eRecruit as an exception). You can then repeat the action and the pop-up window (and any subsequent pop-ups) will then open automatically for you.