1. Logging in to eRecruit

1.1       Although the eRecruit system is compatible with current versions of all major web browsers it is advised to use Google Chrome for optimum performance of functionality.

1.2         To log in to eRecruit click on the eRecruit login link from the left-hand side navigation bar on the UoB jobs homepage.

1.3         You will then be prompted to enter your standard UoB user name and password through the University Single Sign On (SSO) system (unless you are already logged in through SSO in the same browser).

Note - If you are then prompted to change your password this is an automated message from our system supplier. Please be assured that at this stage you have already securely logged in using UoB Single Sign On. If prompted please therefore do not enter your UoB password but enter any combination of 8 characters and you will be able to proceed to eRecruit and will not then have to use this 'password' again. If you have any queries on this please email hr-systems@bristol.ac.uk

1.4         Enter your user name and password and you will be taken to a default workspace page in the eRecruit system for your user type – this is your eRecruit homepage.

The workspace you have now entered is securely maintained outside of the University server by the external supplier of the system, Lumesse. From time to time you may see on-screen references to Lumesse Talentlink; this is the name of the Lumesse ‘product’ the University is using, which we have branded eRecruit.

If you have eRecruit open but do not use for 30 minutes you will be timed out. If this happens, simply return to the eRecruit login link as above.