Paternity Leave Policy

This policy is currently being reviewed to take account of surrogacy situations and the new fostering for adoption scheme, and to ensure it is treating LGBT+ staff fairly. It will be updated as soon as possible. In the meantime if individual staff are considering paternity leave for surrogacy or fostering for adoption, please contact the relevant Faculty/Divisional HR team and/or the LGBT+ staff group for advice.

Application form: Paternity Leave Form (Office document, 77kB)


The University is committed to supporting all employees who have or adopt a child. This policy is designed to ensure that all members of staff are treated fairly and consistently and in line with the relevant legislation. Following the birth or adoption, eligible employees can take up to two weeks’ paid leave to care for the child and/or to support the mother/adopter in the form of Paternity Leave.

Antenatal appointments

Fathers and partners are also entitled to take paid time off work to accompany expectant mothers to up to 2 antenatal appointments.

Paternity leave

a) Eligibility

In order to qualify for Paternity Leave employees must:

 *  Adoption leave and pay are available to only one member of a couple. The other adoptive parent or partner of the adopter may take paternity leave.

b) Entitlements

Employees who meet the above eligibility criteria can choose to take either one week or two consecutive weeks' Paternity Leave.  Paternity Leave must be taken in a single block and cannot be taken as odd days or as two separate weeks.

During Paternity Leave, eligible employees will be paid by the University at their normal rate of pay.  (This will include an element of Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) where appropriate, which is effectively enhanced by the University to equal full pay).

Employees can take only one period of leave per pregnancy even if more than one baby is born as the result of the same pregnancy.

c) When can paternity leave be taken?

Employees can choose to start their Paternity Leave on any day of the week either:

Paternity Leave must be completed:

d) Notification process

Employees should discuss their intention to take Paternity Leave with their line manager / Head of School or Department as early as possible so that early consideration can be given to covering their work during their absence.

To qualify for Paternity Leave, employees must formally tell the University that they wish to take Paternity Leave by completing the ‌ and submitting it to the Head of School/Department:

 Employees can change the date they want their Paternity Leave to start providing they give their Head of School/Department at least 28 days’ notice (unless this is not reasonably practicable).

The Head of School/Department should complete the authorisation section of the relevant Paternity Leave form, confirm authorisation to the employee and forward the form to the faculty / divisional HR team. 

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