HPTs - Information for Managers

Appointing HPTs

HPTs are normally engaged as part of an annual exercise, on annual contracts based on additional teaching needs identified for that academic year.

The School Manager determines HPT teaching requirements and agrees HPT budgets and costs with the relevant Finance team before liaising with the HR Employee Services Hub regarding contract requirements.

HPTs are recruited by the School.  Once the successful candidates are identified, the School communicates the contract requirements to HR who then issue the contracts directly to the HPTs.  HPTs are appointed to an HPT role based on the duties to be undertaken. The hourly rate of pay applied to each role relates to the University grading structure.  The School may exceptionally pay a market rate, providing that prior agreement has been reached with the Faculty Manager, to ensure a consistent approach.

HPT contracts are only issued where the contracted hours are for at least 4 consecutive weeks (or every other week for at least 6 weeks), disregarding vacation periods.  Ad hoc teaching for shorter or more intermittent periods is managed via the Temporary Staffing Service (TSS) (Casual, Academic and Guest (CAG) team)

Pay Claims

HPTs are paid on the basis of claim forms submitted, via MyERP, for the actual hours worked.  For further details on submitting, tracking and approving claims please refer to the Getting Paid guide on the ERP support website.  Claims must be submitted on a monthly basis for work completed in the previous month

Reporting and Monitoring

Further information regarding the reports available to managers is available in the Staff Reports guide on the ERP support website

Guidance for School Managers

The following guide contains detailed process information for School Managers, including how to appoint, pay and monitor HPTs in MyERP: HPTs - A Guide for School Managers (PDF, 694kB)