Pathway 1

There are four levels on Pathway 1, each with an associated role profile. As with Pathways 2 and 3, there are two role profiles at level d.

Three levels of development are identified where progression will apply (as shown on the schematic diagram): two at Lecturer level (level b and c) and one at Senior Lecturer/Reader level (level d). Each level is described in a generic role profile but there are two such profiles at level d, one for Senior Lecturer and one for Reader.

All staff on this Pathway will be expected to progress from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer within maximum period of eight years of commencing employment. The aim is to make smooth progression as the norm with a procedure that feels straightforward to members of staff. Upward movement from the role profiles of Lecturer (either level b or c) to that of Senior Lecturer (level d) may exceptionally come at an earlier date, where appropriate, by a form of accelerated progression.

New staff appointments can be made at any of the three levels and advert copy will anticipate the profile/contribution sought. The anticipated contribution of a new starter will be matched against the profiles to establish the appropriate starting salary range and then a salary fixed within this range taking account of the salary position and contribution of existing staff.

Each of the three profile levels has a corresponding grade and an individual will move through the range by annual increments. Progression will be expected to occur from the fourth point on the salary range.

Progression between the ranges will be implemented in accordance with the University's Progression Procedure.

A failure to meet the expectation necessary to move to the second (Lecturer) profile (from level b to level c) or to the third (Senior Lecturer) profile (from level c to level d) will trigger automatically the engagement of the Capability and Performance Procedure (if not already being applied). This will provide a clear and appropriate framework within which the individual can be supported and managed and will provide the appropriate procedural checks and balances. Once the progression criteria are met the salary progression will be reinstated.

Movement to Reader or Professor will be by application for promotion via the University's Promotion Procedure.

All staff should have a proper balance between teaching, research and administration appropriate to the role profile. The exact balance will vary according to the discipline. The guiding principle must be that members of staff in the early stages of their career must have sufficient time to develop their research.

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