Procedure for assigning a Grade M range to new professorial appointees

Appointments on Range 1 and Range 2

Appointments to Range 1 or Range 2 will normally be self-evident, and should be assigned according to the same standard as applies to internal candidates. In these cases, the DVC/PVC Chair of the appointing panel and the Dean should jointly take the decision on the Range and salary point at the offer/appointment stage, after advice from the appointing committee.

Appointments on Range 3

Where it is felt that the appointee may meet the criteria for Range 3, a range will not be assigned at the appointment stage.
Instead, the PVC for the Faculty and the Dean should decide on the starting salary at the time of offer/appointment, take account of any potential Recruitment & Retention payment requirements, and refer the issue of range assignment to the first available DVC/PVC’s meeting with the assessor’s report and curriculum vitae. The DVC and PVCs with the Chief People Officer or their nominee will determine whether the Range 3 standard has been met. The candidate will be advised (via a statement in their contract) of their starting salary, and of the fact that they will be considered for assignment to a range within 1 year from the date of their appointment.



This policy was last review and updated: Jan 2022