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New Videos Released by Connected Communities/Digital Transformations Project

14 April 2016

The AHRC Connected Communities/Digital Transformations project last week released two new videos via Youtube which highlight some of the department’s work: 

  • Know Your Bristol was a co-produced historical mapping project between the University of Bristol, Bristol City Council, Calling the Shots and twelve (and counting!) Bristol community Groups. This film really showcases the breadth of the project and what it has meant for those involved.
  • Map Your Bristol promotes the project’s new historical mapping site and app. Watch the film, check out the site or get the app from your app store. One iteration of this app is being developed through the 'Romantic Bristol' project led by Ralph Pite in IAS, and another through the AHRC Follow On Fund project, Mapping LGBT+ Bristol, by Josie McLellan, Nate Eisenstadt and their partners Outstories Bristol.

Talking about the videos, Project PI Robert Bickers said that: ‘These films are all about serious themes, but we aimed to capture the fun we had as well. I think they capture the spirit in which this wonderful and disparate group worked together’

The project has also released three short animations, which attempt to answer in less than a minute and a half, some of the key questions that have run through Know Your Bristol:

Bristol PhD Student Marcel Thomas who worked on the project commented that: ‘The great thing about Know Your Bristol was that it brought together people from very different backgrounds, and the videos really show this. Making contacts with local communities, getting to know them and creating something lasting together was an extremely rewarding experience.’ 

For more information, see the Know Your Bristol website or @knowyourbristol on Twitter. 


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