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Engaging with Cabot

Book cover: Cabot and Bristol's Age of Discovery: The Bristol Discovery Voyages 1480 -1508

Cabot and Bristol's Age of Discovery, £11.99

Press release issued: 12 December 2016

A new publication brings the fruits of a Departmental research project to a general audience.

‌‌In a short book, just published by the University, Dr Evan Jones introduces the work of his Cabot Project to a wider audience. Cabot and Bristol's Age of Discovery is based on the most up-to-date research of this high-profile project. Yet it is written, illustrated and priced to make it accessible to the general public.

'From the outset, there has been huge interest in this project', says Dr Jones. 'It's findings have attracted a lot of press attention, with our academic articles having had tens of thousands of downloads. So we knew there was a great deal of interest in this subject.'

'Beyond that, my Project's principal funder, Gretchen Bauta, was keen that our research was not limited to academic publications. She wanted our work to be available to the public.'

For all these reasons, Jones and his co-researcher, Margaret Condon, decided to write a book that would be accessible to both older children and interested adults. 

Apart from being unusual in its choice of target audience, Cabot and Bristol's Age of Discovery, is distinctive for being produced directly by the University, rather than a commercial publisher. That decision was taken to keep costs down and to ensure that any proceeds made from sales would go back to the Project.

'This has been an unusual project from the start', says Dr Jones. 'In producing this book, we hope not only to share our findings with the public, but to ensure that, if the book sells well, the proceeds will enable us to both make more exciting finds and to engage in further educational activities in the wider community.'

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