Project resources

This strand of the project, still currently under development, is a collaboration with colleagues at the Institut d'Asie Orientale.  It includes images from various collections. The project provides two sets of photographic resources:

1. Maritime Customs-related photographs at the Historical Photographs of China website (external link). This is a parallel initiative, and includes photographs from the RFC Hedgeland collection at SOAS, and others. Please also note our exhibitions of photographs and related material from this initiative. The project was the subject of a supplement to the winter 2008 (No.46) International Institute of Asian Studies Newsletter. This can be accessed at the IIAS site, or as an Adobe Acrobat file of the entire supplement here (warning, this is a large file, 3.24mb).

2. Portraits of Customs staff  These are photographs of staff, many taken at the beginning of their careers, but others supplied by families, and used here with permission.

The Second Historical Archives of China at Nanjing published in 2007 a very full ten-volume collection of historical photographs of the Maritime Customs 'Pictorial history of the former Chinese Maritime Customs and modern society'. Most of this material is not from the Archive itself (nor indeed does most of it concern the Customs), but there are still interesting photographs of staff, estate, equipment and vessels etc.


Sites with substantial photographs relating to the Chinese Maritime Customs Service.