Chinese Maritime Customs Project Occasional papers

We will be publishing in this series papers and resource materials stemming from or related to the work of the Customs project team.

Papers - ISSN 1755-6643

No.1 Picturing China, 1870-1950: Photographs from British Collections by Robert Bickers, Catherine Ladds, Jamie Carstairs and Yee Wah Foo, October 2007. 52 pages (32 pages of photographs). Out of print.

No.2 Checklist to the exhibition Picturing China, 1870-1950: Photographs from British Collections, Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, 16 October-15 December 2007. Online publication only (pdf file 630kb).

No.3 Robert Hart, Documents relating to, 1o  the Establishment of Meteorological Stations in China; and 2o Proposals for co-operation in the publication of meteorological observations and exchange of weather news by telegraph along the Pacific coast of Asia (pdf file 1.9mb). Online publication only.

No.4 Between Two Worlds: Remembering Sir Robert Hart. Programme commemorating the rededication of the grave of Sir Robert Hart and Lady Hester Jane Hart, All Saints' Church, Bisham, 22 February 2013. (pdf file 4.4mb).Compiled by Dr Weipin Tsai, and designed by Penny Dang.

No.5 B.E. Foster Hall, The Chinese Maritime Customs: An International Service, 1854-1950. This is a new edition of B.E. Foster Hall's 1977 pamphlet, together with a short memoir by the author, maps, photographs and a bibliography, and a biographical note by the editor, Robert Bickers (pdf file, 5.1mb).

No. 6 Chinese Maritime Customs preventive work in the Canton delta: Photographs by Jack Birns, 1948-1949. Selection and commentary by Robert Bickers, 2018.

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