Research opportunities

A growing number of opportunities exist for clinicians to get involved in cardiovascular research.  These currently include:

The Hospital Saturday fund for medical electives

The Hospital Saturday fund for medical electives can be used to get medical students to work in research environments.


The INSPIRE scheme is a new initiative co-ordinated by the Academy of Medical Sciences to encourage medical and dental students to consider a research career.  INSPIRE, supported by the Wellcome Trust and the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research , is a five-year, UK-wide programme to promote the development of activities to introduce these students to the benefits and potential of working in research. Bristol is one of the universities chosen to design and deliver local and regional activities, with the input of students, across the range of scientific disciplines.  These activities will include an offer of bursaries and prizes to support research projects, a research taster scheme run in partnership with Cardiff and Peninsula Medical Schools, and a series of seminars and workshops led by clinical research leaders.

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