Bristol CardioVascular is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for performing translational cardiovascular research that takes basic science discoveries into the clinic.

By uniting more than 200 basic and clinical scientists, spread over three faculties of the University plus local NHS Trusts, we are able to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration between scientists and clinicians and improve medical treatment of cardiovascular diseases. As well as benefiting from the shared expertise, we can also take advantage of sharing the superb research facilities available to all Bristol CardioVascular members.

Overlapping and integrated areas of research in Bristol CardioVascular span across all aspects of the heart in health and disease, including cardiovascular regeneration, atherothrombosis, hypertension, cardiac surgery, epidemiology, and research into exercise and nutrition.

Our current research strategy maps out how we will continue to make significant scientific breakthroughs and translate this into improved medical care.  Our strategy also describes how we will reach our aims by working with other academic and clinical institutions such as the Peninsula Medical School and Cardiff University.

We are very grateful for the ongoing support of our funders who contribute millions of pounds each year. Please see details about our supporters, who include the British Heart Foundation, MRC, NIHR, Wellcome Trust and the Garfield Weston Trust, without whom we would not be able to continue this vital research.

Our research

Bristol is one of the leading centres for cardiovascular research. Thanks to collaborative opportunities provided by Bristol CardioVascular, we carry out fully translational cardiovascular research, from basic science to clinical studies and population epigenetics, at nationally and internationally competitive levels.

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