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Above and Beyond grant Success

28 June 2017

To Mustafa Zakkar, the amount of £6,249 to pursue a project entitled 'The impact of acute shear stress on venous endothelial cells inflammation and interaction with circulating white blood cells'

Blood flow in vessels can exert a force on endothelial cells known as shear stress. Veins are usually subjected to low blood flow and shear stress in the body; however, when grafted into arterial circulation with high flow, they suddenly become exposed to high levels of shear stress. The impact of such acute changes in shear stress on vascular endothelial cells (EC), interaction with circulating white blood cells and its role in the development of intimal hyperplasia (IH) is not understood. Vascular EC can act as mechano-transducers which respond to flow changes by releasing mediators that regulate vascular inflammation and modulate circulating blood cells function and thereby IH. It has been shown that shear stress can induce vascular inflammation via signalling intermediaries in vein grafts due to the lack of anti-inflammatory regulators in venous EC. A greater understanding of the mechanisms underlying vein graft failure can reveal new therapies which may have major impact on patient’s outcomes and health economics.

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Above and Beyond is is the local charity raising funds for Bristol city centre hospitals

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