• MRC Stratified Medicine News 24 January 2018 We are very pleased to announce the success of a major grant application to the Medical Research Council, for a project entitled: NURTuRE – changing the landscape of renal medicine to foster a unified approach to stratified medicine, led by Professor Moin Saleem in Bristol Renal. 
  • Bristol appoints Professor Tavaré to lead new Faculty of Life Sciences 9 January 2018 Professor Jeremy Tavaré will take up the role of Dean when the University of Bristol’s new Faculty of Life Sciences is officially launched on 1 August this year.
  • Heart Research UK Translational Research Grant 15 December 2017 Approximately 30-50% of coronary artery disease patients receiving vein bypass grafts experience re-occurrence of symptoms primarily due to excessive intimal thickening.
  • David Telling Grant 11 December 2017 Enhanced PPAR-delta expression in patients with periodontitis promotes the inflammatory and pro-atherosclerotic properties of monocytes/macrophages The most common cause of heart attacks is atherosclerosis.
  • Major funding boost for internationally-recognised healthcare research centres 11 December 2017 Three interdisciplinary research consortia, including the University of Bristol's SPHERE project, have been allocated more than £11 million to continue healthcare sensing systems research that is revolutionising how we identify and respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases, diagnose and manage lung diseases, and recognise and solve emerging health and wellbeing issues in the home environment.
  • British Heart Foundation Project Grant 28 November 2017 Attenuation of Intimal Thickening via Porcupine Inhibition grant awarded
  • British Heart Foundation Studentship Grant awarded 21 November 2017 Exploiting the inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and intimal thickening by PRH/HHEX
  • Primary care is key to optimising value in healthcare 14 November 2017 Balancing improvements in health against the cost of such improvements in primary care is vital to achieve a cost-effective and efficient healthcare system, finds a new report by University of Bristol researchers and published in the BMJ.
  • New international consortium to accelerate drug discovery in kidney diseases 8 November 2017 A new consortium to accelerate the discovery of novel drugs to treat kidney diseases was announced on Monday, 6 November 2017. The NEPLEX (nephron on a chip with cellular and extracellular matrix complexity) consortium, comprising leading academic institutions including the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge, and Evotec AG, will combine key technologies to develop and build a novel drug discovery device ("Nephron-on-a-Chip").
  • New Health Integration Team focusing on stroke gets go-ahead 2 November 2017 A new Health Integration Team (HIT) focused on stroke has been given the go-ahead by the Bristol Health Partners executive group.

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