• Why do some wounds fail to heal? 19 July 2018 Non-healing wounds such as pressure sores and diabetic ulcers are a growing health problem, and we still don’t know enough about how and why wound repair can fail. Thanks to an Elizabeth Blackwell Institute (EBI) Early Career Fellowship award, pharmacologist Dr Jenna Cash has set up her own lab to examine wound repair more closely and inform novel therapies for chronic wounds.
  • Bristol thinking globally for health 18 July 2018 Rachael Gooberman-Hill, Director of Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research, University of Bristol, describes the Institute's innovative approach to global health challenges. This blog is part of the Bristol Firsts series, celebrating Bristol-based innovations in the NHS’s 70th year.
  • High blood pressure in pregnancy linked to mother's heart function 13 July 2018 Pregnant women who develop high blood pressure, or have small babies, may have hearts that pump less blood with each beat.
  • How Bristol’s research and teaching has helped shape the NHS and save lives 5 July 2018 Today we celebrate 70 years of the NHS - the first universal health care system to be established anywhere in the world.
  • Discovery of kidney structure challenges current understanding of renal physiology 27 June 2018 New research by the University of Bristol has found that the microscopic structure of human kidney is different to what was previously known.
  • State of the art imaging challenges our understanding of how platelets are made 22 June 2018 Correlative light-electron microscopy is being used to increase our knowledge of how platelets are made in the body and the results are challenging previously held understandings.
  • Patients to set agenda for heart failure research 19 June 2018 People with advanced heart failure, their carers, families and friends are being asked to help set the priorities for future research into the condition. Researchers from the Universities of Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge are working with the James Lind Alliance - a non-profit organisation which looks for unanswered health research questions by reaching out to those most affected - to identify research questions that will focus on improving advanced heart failure care.
  • Radial-Artery or Saphenous-Vein Grafts in Coronary-Artery Bypass Surgery 14 June 2018 Dr Umberto Benedetto is the first co-author of a paper published recently in NEJM about the benefit from favouring the radial artery over vein graft in coronary bypass surgery.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease HIT annual report 14 June 2018 Dr Udaya Udayaraj and Dr Fergus Caskey give an update on the work of the Chronic Kidney Disease Health Integration Team (CKD HIT) over the last year.
  • Researcher Profile: Dr Ben Gibbison 14 June 2018 Dr Ben Gibbison is a Consultant in Cardiac Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at University Hospitals Bristol, Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol, and one of our BRC Cardiovascular theme researchers. Here he discusses his work looking at hormone levels of heart surgery patients.

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