About BCV

Bristol CardioVascular (BCV) was founded in 1995, as the Bristol Heart Institute, and renamed in 2013 to reflect its broader constituency, interests and activities. BCV consists of over 200 researchers and clinicians located in the University of Bristol and across Bristol NHS Trusts.

All BCV members are united in the mission to translate basic scientific research into novel clinical practice thereby improving patient outcome and care. 

The BCV brings together internationally respected experts from many disciplines of cardiovascular science and disease. Indeed, the BCV is now an internationally recognised centre of excellence for performing interdisciplinary cardiovascular research that takes basic science discoveries into the clinic.

As well as improving collaboration between scientists and clinicians, undertaking cutting-edge science research, and improving medical treatment of cardiovascular disease, we are also committed to engaging with the public in our research. Each year we hold a public lecture and many individual BCV members take part in public engagement activities.

You can find out more about our work here on the BCV website.  Please also feel free to contact us with your feedback, enquiries, suggestions and ideas. 

It's a privilege and a pleasure to lead BCV at this exciting time. The combination of world class facilities and expertise in Bristol provides an outstanding opportunity for cardiovascular research. My priority is to ensure that we realise the potential of theis combination, by ensuring seamless collaboration to provide outstanding translational opportunities and outcomes.

Professor Clive Orchard, BCV Chairman
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