Resources and guidance

Management guides

Cold storage

Guides to attach to fridges and freezers: Freezer management guide (Office document, 192kB)

Waste, recycling and resource management

UniGreenScheme guidance - How to sell unwanted lab equipment that still holds value

How to manage your laboratory waste

Lab equipment

How to choose the correct type of containment for your research - Baker's clean air and containment decision map (PDF, 90kB)

Stickers and posters

Shut the sash stickers for fume cupboards: Shut the sash (1) (PDF, 98kB) and Shut the sash (2) (PDF, 1,973kB)

Switch off stickers (PDF, 16kB) (available in widths: 5cm, 7cm and 9cm)

Please contact the Sustainable Labs Officer to order stickers, please identify the quantity, type and size in your email. 

Useful lab sustainability resources

Everything You Wanted to Know about Running an Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (PDF, 6,768kB) but were too afraid to ask.......

Efficient ULT Freezer Storage: An Investigation of ULT Freezer Energy and (PDF, 333kB)Efficient ULT Freezer Storage: An Investigation of ULT Freezer Energy and (PDF, 333kB) temperature dynamics.  


My Green Lab

International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) (contact for membership)

University of Colorado, Boulder

More information for staff

Please see the staff intranet for additional guidance, and general lab procedures and forms.

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