The Good Parliament

Professor Sarah Childs gave the Spring 2017 Chrystal Macmillan Lecture on "The 'Good' Parliament and the Feminist Critical Actor" based on her Good Parliament report (April 2017)

The author of the Good Parliament report, Sarah Childs, has issued a response to Richard Littlejohn after he criticised her report in the Daily Mail (Feb 2017)  

Professor Sarah Childs was a guest on BBC Radio4's 'Women's Hour' where she discussed a new report by the Women and Equalities Select Committee that is calling on political parties to publicly set out their plans to increase the number of women parliamentary candidates by 2020, currently only thirty per cent of MPs are women. The reports is also calling for the government to set a target of 45% representation of women in parliament and local government by 2030. You can listen to the programme here (Jan 2017).

Professor Sarah Childs provided evidence to the Women and Equalities Select Committee inquiry on women's representation and the constituency boundary reviews.  The select committee also looked into recommendations made in Professor Childs’ recently published The Good Parliament report (PDF, 1,330kB) on creating a more representative and inclusive House of Commons.  You can watch the witnesses giving evidence here (Sept 2016).

The Good Parliament report (PDF, 1,058kB), launched in Parliament on the 20th July by Professor Sarah Childs, shows Parliament's working practices still reflect the traditions and preferences of those who historically populated it.  For the full news story please visit:

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