My time studying in the ‘wonderland’ of Bristol

Jingwen Kang graduated with a distinction in MSc Management. Here she recounts her memories of studying at the University of Bristol and looks forward to the graduation celebration in Beijing.

It has been half a year since I left Bristol, but I can still remember all the things which happened, all the people I met, and all the days I spent in this city. For me, Bristol is like a wonderland. It’s amazing.

At first it was quite hard for me to find my feet there. I was surrounded by people speaking another language; I had to adapt to a new culture and a different way of studying; I had to learn how to live independently, for instance, how to cook. But thankfully, with the help of professors, staff and friends I quickly found that I was totally falling in love with this place. Although I came here without enough preparation, it just brought me so many surprises and gave me memories that I will never forget.

Thanks to our pre-sessional tutor always encouraging us to talk with native persons as much as we can, we had the opportunity to experience English culture and to enhance our confidence to communicate with others. And the pre-sessional course arranged by the University really helped me a lot. From this course I learned how to take notes, how to write essays, how to read an article, which established a solid foundation for my following study.

The course at Bristol was neither too busy nor too idle; the schedule of courses were arranged properly, giving us enough lectures and tutorials to know about the course, also giving us enough time to complete the assignment and to explore the subject. I loved reading week which allowed a relatively full and long period of time to read extra materials and review the previous courses.

During the one-year study, from mandatory courses to optional courses, I gained a deeper understanding of my chosen programme and had a much clearer direction about my future career path. All the professors are kind and generous, I really want to say thank you to them, because without their help, I wouldn’t have made such progress.

All the days in Bristol were so beautiful, and it was like a beautiful dream that I hated to wake up from. In this beautiful dream: I can still remember the view of Park Street that I walked almost every day. I can still remember the scene of Arts and Social Science Library at 4am when I was struggling with a deadline. I can still remember the smell of coffee sold at the lobby of Priory Road Complex. I can still remember the Zombie Parade at Halloween and the Christmas Market in the city centre.

It was really a pity for me to miss the graduation ceremony in Bristol in February due to being busy at work, so I was so excited when I heard that Bristol would hold a graduation ceremony in Beijing this April. I am really looking forward to it – because it will remind me of Bristol, and take me back to that beautiful dream. See you in April, my dear Bristol.