Population Health - Bristol Turing Fellows Projects Seminar Series

4 October 2021, 10.30 AM - 4 October 2021, 12.00 PM

Dr Oliver Davis, Professor Claire Haworth, Dr Kate Shiells & Professor Andrew Dowsey

Population Health


Dr Oliver Davis, Reader in Statistical Genetics and Professor Claire Haworth, Professor of Behavioural Genetics, Bristol Medical School (PHS) University of Bristol (10:30am - 11:00am)

UK Birth Cohorts as a Platform for Ground Truth in Mental Health Data Science

There have been recent and startling rises in reported mental health difficulties, particularly in young adults. This means it is more crucial than ever to understand the origins of mental health and wellbeing to inform public health interventions. This project aims to develop a software framework for UK birth cohorts to act as a platform for the validation of algorithms when studying mental health, considering the ethical and legal challenges.

Dr Kate Shiells, Research Associate, Bristol Medical School (PHS) University of Bristol (11:00am -11:30am )

Data Donation: Personal Data for Health Research and Policy Making

This project builds on knowledge in psychology, public policy, ethics and data science to study the public acceptability of using commercial transactional data in public health research. We focus on two research questions: (1) what are the mostly widely held attitudes towards using transactional data for public health research? (2) what are the publicly acceptable and ethical pathways of using transactional data for public health research?

Professor Andrew Dowsey, Chair in Population Health Data Science , Bristol Veterinary School University of Bristol (11:30 - 12:00)

Creating an open research data platform from the world's most intensively monitored dairy farm for tackling One Health grand challenges

In this project we have developed new deep metric learning methodology to identify and track individuals which will underpin creation of the world’s first permanent 24/7, non-intrusive, vision-centred cattle herd tracking platform for a working farm at scale. This will in turn support our goal of creating and harnessing a longitudinal cohort resource underpinning grand ‘One Health’ research challenges in sustainable food security, health and welfare monitoring, and underpin fundamental behaviour research.

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