Automating Data Visualization

20 March 2019, 1.00 PM - 20 March 2019, 2.00 PM

Hepple Lecture Theatre, School of Geographical Sciences, University Road, Bristol, BS8 1SS

A talk by Nick Holliman, Professor of Visualization, Newcastle University & Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute

Speaker bio

Nick Holliman researches the science and engineering of visualization and visual analytics, addressing the fundamental challenges of visualizing big data. His research includes the psychophysics of the human visual system, the creation of novel algorithms for the control of image content to match human abilities and demonstrating how these algorithms work in practice in scalable cloud-based software tools and award-winning 3D visualizations.  He has worked in both industrial and academic environments and is experienced in delivering commercial impact from research outputs. He has led the design of high performance visualization theatres at four different institutions which have been specified to support both individual and team-based decision making. Take a look at Professor Holliman's publications

Event details

Cloud supercomputing offers entirely new ways to visualize data, our #TeraScope project is researching systems to generate tera-pixel images of Newcastle that visualize urban IoT sensing data from across the city. We will report on the latest results from this project using a 14 Peta-flop cloud supercomputer to render tera-pixel images of the city and its data.

We will then outline the two of the future directions for this project. The first is the application of cloud supercomputing to help optimize the visualization of data in 3D environments for human viewing, the second is a novel approach to the visualization of uncertainty related to measured data which we trialled for the first time during a research visit to Curtin University CIC and the HIVE, in Perth, Western Australia in December 2018.


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3D data annotations over London

Dr Nick Holliman

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