Study Abroad Academic Directors


DepartmentNameContact details
Aerospace Engineering Dr Andrea Diambra 

Mrs Roz Okatan (Administrative Contact) 
Accounting and Finance 

Dr Fabiana Gomez 

A&F UG office (Administrative Contact)
Ancient History 

Dr Silke Knippschild 

Mr Nick Marshall (Administrative Contact)
Anthropology and Archaeology

Dr Jamie Lawson and Dr Neil Carrier 

Dr Carmen Galan

Ms Rosemary Crosby (Administrative Contact) 

Childhood Studies

Dr Kevin Doogan

SPS UG Office (Administrative Contact) 

Civil Engineering 

Dr Andrea Diambra 

Mrs Janet Woolway-Allen (Administrative Contact) 


Dr Silke Knippschild

Mr Nick Marshall (Administrative Contact)

Computer Science

Dr Thomas Pasquier

Ms Filomena Dreyer (Administrative Contact)


Dr Kevin Doogan

SPS UG Office (Administrative Contact) 

Czech Studies 

Ms Elena McNeilly

Ms Lindsey Drage (Administrative Contact) 

Earth Sciences Dr Matt Watson
Miss Julia Davidson (administrative contact)

Dr Luis Correia 

Nina Bunton (Administrative Contact)


Dr Liz Washbrook

Miss Carol Falzon (Administrative Contact) 

Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

Dr Shuangyi Yan

Miss Leanne Jeremy (Administrative Contact)

Engineering Mathematics 

Dr Cameron Hall

Ms Tanya Newton (Administrative Contact)


Dr Michael Malay 

English UG admin team (Administrative Contact)


Ms Fabienne Vailes (Study Placements and Overall Responsibility)

Ms Stéphanie Demont (Work Placements)
Miss Annelyse Apicella (Teaching Assistantships)

SML UG Admin team (Administrative Contact)

Geographical Sciences 

Dr Rory Bingham
Dr Negar Behzadi (from TB2 2021) 

Ms Amy Durbin (Administrative Contact)


Ms Mandy Poetzsch (Overall Responsibility and Study Placements)

Ms Ruth Winter (Work placements)
Ms Claudia Sein (Teaching Assistantships)

SML UG Admin team (Administrative Contact)

Hispanic Studies     

Ms Itziar Martinez (Study Placements in Spain)

Ms Marga Menendez-Lopez (Work Placements in Spain)
Miss Rossana Vanni (Study Placements in Latin America, Teaching Assistantships)

Ms Miriam Munoyerro (Work Placements in Latin America)
Ms Madalena Pires (Study Placements in Portugal and Brazil
Mr Gustavo Infante (Work Placements in Portugal and Brazil)

SML UG admin team (Administrative Contact)

History  Dr Andy Flack
Dr Simeon Koole (from TB2 2021)

History UG admin team (Administrative Contact)

History of Arts  Dr Lucy Donkin

History of Art UG admin team (Administrative Contact)


Mr Andrea Zhok (Work and Teaching Assistantship Placements)

Dr Vera Castiglione (Study Placements)

SML UG admin team (Administrative Contact)



Ms Nina Boeger

Mahsa Zohhadi (administrative contact)

Liberal Arts



Dr Karen Skinazi
Dr Emily Derbyshire

Samuel Davies (Administrative Contact)

Dr Vanessa Beck 

Management UG office (Administrative Contact)





Dr Martin Sieber (Erasmus+)

Mrs Helen Lee (Administrative Contact, Erasmus+)

Dr Feng Yu (Destinations outside of Europe)

Ms Liz Clarke (Administrative contact, outside of Europe)

Mechanical Engineering  

Dr Andrea Diambra

Ms Carol Ashby (Administrative Contact) 

Music Dr Justin Williams
Music UG office (Administrative Contact)
Philosophy Dr Martin Sticker
Physics  Dr Konstantinos Petridis (study abroad in a foreign language)
Dr Terence McMaster (study abroad in English)
Politics and International Relations  Dr Winnie King
Dr Hannah Parrott
Miss Catherine Foster (Administrative Contact)
Religion and Theology  Dr Rita Langer 
Ms Holly Lambeth-Fradgley (Administrative Contact)

Ms Elena McNeilly

Ms Lindsey Drage (Administrative Contact) 

Social Policy

Dr Kevin Doogan 

SPS UG Office (Administrative Contact) 


Dr Winnie King (semester abroad and joint programmes)

Dr Hannah Parrott (year abroad)

Miss Catherine Foster (Administrative Contact)

Theatre and Performance Studies

Dr Jan Wozniak

Ms Jenny Lowman (Administrative Contact)

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