Credits and transcripts


If you are visiting from within EU

European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS)

ECTS is a scheme operated throughout Europe enabling you to transfer credits between the different universities you attend. All the work you do while you are at Bristol will count towards your final degree.

  • 60 ECTS credits represent a full year of study (equivalent to 120 University of Bristol credits)
  • 30 ECTS credits represent one semester (equivalent to 60 University of Bristol credits)

For example, if a course/unit has 20 Bristol credit points, it has 10 ECTS credit points. You need to enter your course/unit choices and number of ECTS credits on your Learning Agreement which you will get from your home university.

If you are visiting from outside the EU

Credits and grades

Choose from any combination of the units offered. You are not restricted to a single department.

Studying a unit is subject to timetabling constraints and our pre-requisites. Please check the unit prerequisites carefully in case you need prior knowledge or must study another unit first. Unit prerequisites are listed in the unit catalogue.

Amount of credit points you should study

  • A full year's work equals 120 Bristol credit points.
  • You must take between 50-60 credits per semester and 100 - 120 for the full year, even if you don’t need them for your graduation requirements.

If you are studying in a range of departments, you may not be able to take precisely 120 units. We accept margins of 100 to 140 (50 to 70 per semester). These credit marks are still considered to be a standard year's work for transfer purposes.

Grade conversion table

We have worked to try and ensure our scoring system is compatible with our partner institutions.  This table is a guide to show what your Bristol score might be equivalent to at your home institution. It is only a guide.

Grade conversion table
Bristol scoreLetter grade
68 and higher A- to A+
58 - 67 B- to B+
50 - 57 C- to C+
40 - 49 D- to D+
Below 40 F


We will automatically send your home university your transcripts after you finish. If you need transcripts for graduate school applications, please contact us.

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