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GIC Public Lecture: Adventures in Diplomacy - Life as a British Diplomat

15 November 2021

GIC Public lecture - Mr Nicholas Hopton talks about his life as a British Diplomat

The UK continues to be a major player in global affairs and its diplomats are as involved as ever in the conduct of International relations. But what does a diplomat actually do in the modern world? And how do diplomats seek to make a difference and advance national interests in the climate-challenged, post- Brexit, pandemic-scarred and conflict-riven world in which we live? Drawing on experience from over three decades as a British diplomat, Nicholas Hopton looks at these and other questions and offers a personal, anecdotal take on the ups and downs of a career in foreign policy.

Mr Nicholas Hopton was until September 2021 Her Majesty’s Ambassador for Libya. Previously he was FCO Director for EU External and Security, leading the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the future security partnership with the EU after BREXIT. Mr Hopton joined the FCO in 1989 and has also served as Ambassador to Iran, Qatar and Yemen and served at the British Embassies in Paris, Rome and Rabat. He has worked on national security issues in the Cabinet Office, led the International Organisations Department in the FCO and was Private Secretary to the Minister for Europe. Mr Hopton studied at St Peter’s School, York, and Cambridge University (Magdalene College). He has also studied at La Sapienza University in Rome and ENA in Paris.

Lecture was held on 10/11/2021

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