Professor Roger Mac Ginty lecture

18 February 2019, 6.00 PM - 18 February 2019, 7.30 PM

2D3 Priory Rd Complex

Professor Roger Mac Ginty (University of Durham) will be giving a lecture on 'Everyday Peace: The Extraordinary peacemaking skills of so-called ordinary people'.

Date: 18th February 2019

Time: 1800-1930

Venue: 2D3 PRC


The paper unpacks the notion of everyday peace, or the skills and modes of thinking used by people in conflict situations to avoid violence and minimise conflict. it is interested in the "small peace" of the bakery queue or at the tram stop in a deeply divided city rather than the "big peace" made by men in suits in diplomatic capitals. It draws on research from the Everyday Peace Indicators project, and draws on first-hand accounts of war and violence. The paper raises ethical and practical concerns associated with everyday peace. These incluce questions of whether everyday peace is actually peace or merely grudging toleration, and the extent to which everyday peace depneds on "trickle down peace" from the elite level.


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