GIC Research Seminar: Amaha Senu on 'Global Governance, Assemblage and Maritime Stowaways'

20 March 2019, 1.00 PM - 20 March 2019, 2.30 PM

LG3 10 Priory Rd

The GIC is pleased to host a research seminar by Amaha Senu (Cardiff University) on "Global Governance, Assemblage and Maritime Stowaways'.

Date: 20th March

Time: 1300-1430

Venue: LG3 10PR


This paper focuses on the benefits afforded by ‘assemblage thinking’ in empirically studying the governance of issues which manifest on a truly global scale involving a wide range of actors dispersed in different parts of the globe. Using the governance of maritime stowaways in global shipping as a showcase, the paper argues that ‘assemblage thinking’ is uniquely suited to conceptualise and methodologically explore global governance in a manner that does justice to its spatial manifestation and the range of governing actors involved. Furthermore, it is also argued that the issue of maritime stowaways prompts a rethink of the temporal assumptions embedded in how assemblages are normally understood as ephemeral configurations. The paper will draw on evidence from the global governance of maritime stowaways to make a strong case for ‘enduring assemblages’ which prevail over a longer timespan while still exhibiting the emergence, heterogeneity, multiplicity, instability and conflictual attributes commonly associated with assemblages.  

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