Programme Humboldt


Invisible Languages in the 19th Century

Clifton Hill House, University of Bristol,

Sept 25-27, 2013,


Wednesday, September 25

12-14.00 arrivals and registration

Session 1 (chair: Derek Offord)

14.00 Welcome: Dean of Arts, Prof. Michael Basker

14.10 Nils Langer (Bristol): Introductory Paper:

Finding invisible languages? Evidence from language use and language policy

14.45 Mari Jones (Cambridge)

Auregnais: Insular Norman’s Invisible Relative

15.20 Julie Blake (Cambridge/Bristol)

Finding Invisible Languages in Bristol: the case of Jamaican creole in regional newspapers

15.55 Afternoon Tea

Session 2 (chair: Tim Shortis)

16.30 Joakim Enwall (Uppsala)

Co-opting the marginalized? - Western mission and script creation among the ethnic minorities in southwest China 1875-1915

16.50 Roisin Healy (NUI Galway)

The Visible Church and "Invisible" Polish: Protestant and Catholic clergy in Prussian Poland

17:30-18.30 Meeting the Humboldt Foundation (James Wilton-Ely) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (Andreas Hoeschen), followed by Bristol Cream

Dinner by own arrangement (we have a suggestion, so do join us!)

Thursday, September 26

Session 3 (chair: Gesine Argent)

09:30 Joan Leopold (Oxford)

How Lithuanian developed from an "invisible language" to a "visible" one without a nation state: A. F. Pott and A. Schleicher

10:05 Anna Havinga (Bristol)

Germanising Austria: the Suppression of Austrian German after Gottsched

10:40 Morning Coffee

Session 4 (chair: Julie Blake)

11:10 Tomasz Wicherkiewicz (AWU Poznan)

Kashubian language movement in the 19th and 20th century

11:45 Stephan Elspaß (Salzburg)

Invisible and inaudible languages and varieties in German speaking countries

12:30 Lunch

Session 5 (chair: Roisin Healy)

14:00 Elin Fredsted (Flensburg)

Language Contact and Convergence in the Former Duchy of Slesvig

14:35 Steen Bo Frandsen (Syddansk Universitetet Sønderborg)

A multilingual culture before the nation state: Regions and languages in the Danish composite state

15:10 Harald Wolbersen (Flensburg)

Where is the vernacular? The loss of Sønderjysk in Anglia (1800-1850)

15:45 Afternoon Coffee

Session 6 (chair: Stephan Elspaß)

16:15 Niall O Ciosain (NUI Galway)

Publishing and Reading in Celtic Languages in the Nineteenth Century

16:50 Aidan Doyle (UC Cork)

19th-century Speakers of Irish: a Sociolinguistic Analysis

17:30 Close

19:00 Conference Dinner: Avon Gorge Hotel, Bristol

Friday, September 27

Session 7 (chair: Mari Jones)

9:15 Jose del Valle (CUNY)

Galician imaginings in nineteenth-century Spain: the case of Juan Valera´s lusismo

9:50 Matthew Brown (Bristol)

Taking Football to the Andes: English language contact in Latin America 1850-1890

10:25 Jo Crow (Bristol)

Mapuzungun and the contested process of nation-building in Chile

11:00 Morning Coffee

Session 8 (chair: Nils Langer)

11:30 Derek Offord (Bristol)

French in Russia: a visible language in the age of nationalism

12:10 Closing Discussion:

What does it all mean? Where now?

12:45 Lunch and Tschüss