Intro to German Studies for Ab Initio

Unit Code: GERM10033
Unit Director: Dr Mark Allinson
Unit Teachers: Dr Mark Allinson, Professor Robert Vilain, Dr Steffan Davies, Dr Nils Langer
Teaching Block: One and Two
Credit Points: 20


This unit aims to introduce you to a variety of aspects of German studies currently being taught in (y)our department. Consequently it consists of a number of different components which are assessed separately. They comprise:

2 lecture series: 1) German History and 2) Faust

1 seminar series: German  Linguistics

In Teaching Block 1 you will have two contact hours per week for this unit and in Teaching Block 2 you will have one contact hour per week.

In TB1 you will attend a weekly lecture on the foundations of German History, to be delivered by Dr Allinson. This part of the unit will be assessed by an exam. In addition you will attend weekly seminars on German linguistics with Dr Langer and this will be assessed by an essay of approximately 1,500 words. 

Further information will appear on the Blackboard site.

In TB2 you will attend weekly lectures on the ‘Faust’ legend and its various manifestations from the chapbook of 1587 through Goethe’s Faust up to contemporary references. This part of the unit will be assessed by an exam.