Pensions, savings and assets

Savings evidence review
Money Advice Service (2017) Money Advice Service

The Child Trust Fund - findings from the wave 2 evaluation
Elaine Kempson, Andrea Finney and Sara Davies (2011) HM Revenue & Customs

Towards a nation of savers: understanding and overcoming the challenges to saving on a lower income
Andrea Finney and Sara Davies (2011) University of Bristol

Review of international pension reform
Sharon Collard and Nick Moore (2010) HMSO

Wealth in Great Britain - main results from the Wealth and Assets Survey 2006-08
(2009) Office for National Statistics

Saving in lower-income households: an evidence review for the Financial Inclusion Taskforce
Elaine Kempson and Andrea Finney (2009) HM Treasury

Attitudes towards investment choice and risk within the personal accounts scheme: report of a qualitative study
Sharon Collard and Zoey Breuer (2009) HMSO

Individual investment behaviour: a brief review of research
Sharon Collard (2009) Personal Accounts Delivery Authority

Saving for children: a baseline survey at the inception of the Child Trust Fund
Elaine Kempson, Adele Atkinson and Sharon Collard (2006) HM Revenue & Customs

Closing the savings gap? The role of the Saving Gateway
Sharon Collard and Stephen McKay (2006) Local Economy

Membership counts – who uses credit unions?
Sharon Collard and Nick Smith (2006) ABCUL

Employers’ pension provision
Stephen McKay (2006) Corporate Document Services

Advice on pensions and saving for retirement: qualitative research with financial intermediaries
Elaine Kempson and Sharon Collard (2005) Corporate Document Services

Attitudes to inheritance in Britain
Karen Rowlingson, Stephen McKay (2005) The Policy Press

Incentives to save: Encouraging saving among low-income households (first evaluation of the Saving Gateway pilot scheme)
Elaine Kempson, Stephen McKay and Sharon Collard (2005) HM Treasury

Savings and life events
Stephen McKay and Elaine Kempson (2003) Corporate Document Services

Understanding small savers: saving behaviour amongst low-to-middle income groups
Claire Whyley and Elaine Kempson (2000) Pearl Assurance

Savings and ethnic minority households
Elaine Kempson (1998) Personal Investment Authority

Savings and low-income households
Elaine Kempson (1998) Personal Investment Authority

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